Target Markets

Virtual TAS Marketing Philosophy

Rather than limit your scope by listing types of businesses and industries that are potential customers for your Telephone Answering Services, we chose instead to present a single important fact regarding business communications:

Messaging Is Important in Business!

Next, we contrast two messaging strategies: Voicemail and Live Answer Services. Finally, we illustrate the case that, contracted Telephone Answering Services provide an economical, effective alternative to voicemail or dedicated, in-house receptionist.


Messaging Is Important in Business

In busy environments, it is not always possible for staff to answer every telephone call. It’s a fact of life that businesses need messaging capability as part their strategy for handling effective communication with customers, colleagues, suppliers, etc.

Businesses that Receive Telephone Calls are Your Market

Vendors in the Telephone Answering Services industry have a unique advantage in that, simply, any business whose bottom line relies on prompt, accurate, effective communication is part of your market for Telephone Answering Services.

Voicemail: Costly and Counterproductive

In many, if not most situations, voicemail is rarely an appropriate or effective method for business communications. This is especially true in situations where:

  • calls involve confidential subject matter
  • calls involve complex information
  • calls involve information that is time-sensitive in nature


Plus, many people just plain refuse to leave voicemail.


Now, Let’s talk about the case where callers are willing to leave a message. Callers uncomfortable with voicemail tend to:

  • leave rambling messages that do not state accurately the intent of the call
  • forget key information, such as contact information, in the messages they leave


Live Answering Services: Economical and Effective

Your Telephone Answering Service fills an important niche:

  • Completely unlike Voicemail, a courteous, capable and creative Live Answering Agent can assist your clients’ customer to convey accurate information.
  • Your clients are assured that their customers receive professional, courteous Live Answer service, for much less than the cost of full-time receptionist.