Getting Started

What You’ll Need


See our getting started video on our videos page!


  • Broadband Internet Connection
    You’ll need a broadband Internet connection in order to operate as a VTAS. Your Internet connection needs to be capable of supporting voice traffic. No worries, most “Wired” (not wireless hotspot or satellite internet) broadband internet connections these days handle VoIP phone services just fine.
  • Computers
    Each operator working in your TAS business will require a computer with the Google Chrome web browser installed, at least 2GB of memory (RAM), Windows 10 or later on PC and Mac OSX 10 or later. Windows, Mac or Linux computers are all suitable options. Google ChromeBooks work quite well and are very affordable from retailers such as Amazon and Walmart for under $200. We have certified our system with the latest version of Google Chrome only and do not provide support or assistance unless you are using this web browser. Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari are NOT supported, only Google Chrome.
  • Telephone Handsets
    Each of your operators working with your TAS business will require a telephone handset. Virtual TAS provided handsets, which we configure for operation with the Virtual TAS system, are the only handsets we support. Telephone handsets are included with our initial package when you signup.
  • Identify Startup Costs, Estimate First Months Bill
    Visit the pricing page to learn more about your startup and monthly costs.


Sign up with Virtual TAS


  • Contact us and speak with one of our representatives to go over the basics of our system
  • Schedule live demo where all features of our system will be demonstrated including test calls
  • Signup and complete initial paperwork
  • Receive phones and equipment
  • Setup/testing and training call/web session
  • Add your customers and enjoy!