Income Potential

The amount you can make as an independent answering services company is all up to you!


There are no “pie in the sky” scenarios here about how you can become a millionaire overnight… No bugging your friends and family to join your “Millionaires Club Network”. You don’t have to convince people that they need to buy your vitamins and magic juices if they don’t want to die of cancer.


The bottom line here is this… If you can motivate yourself to work hard at this opportunity, you can be successful and build a very nice residual income.


Virtual TAS™ is not so much a business opportunity but an opportunity to be in business…


So, what does that mean? Glad you asked 🙂


Business opportunities seem to be all about doing it “Their Way” and following a path that someone else has laid out for you and your business. The whole time it seems you are not doing much more than helping to line the pockets of the company that sold you the business opportunity. We do not provide cookie cutter solutions with predefined paths and methods to do everything from the time you wake up in the morning until you go to bed.


Virtual TAS provides you with the tools and technology you need to run your own successful telephone answering service. It’s your business, run it your way! Market and acquire customers how you want. Set your own pricing, customize your services and features to match your unique clients.


As you can see, with the flexibility in the way you can run YOUR Answering Service, it’s all up to you how much you and your business make each month.


The best way to get an idea of how much money you can take in each month is to open up the phone book and call a few of the local answering service companies and ask how much they charge. Then estimate how many customers you think you can acquire your first, second, third month and so on. To get an idea of how we charge for the services you will be offering, see our Instant Quote Engine.


For more information or to get started, call (877) 244-5129 or send us an email.