Available Areas

Virtual TAS™ services may be used to start a TAS (Telephone Answering Service) anywhere in the world.


What’s important is the reliability of the operators internet connection and physical location. Unless the owner of the TAS wants to answer calls and act as their own operator, their location is not important.


In order to act as an operator utilizing the Virtual TAS™ system, the operator must have reliable high speed internet and preferably be located within the US or Canada.


Operators may be located outside the US but since our voice gateways are currently only located within the US, the voice quality will not be as good due to the latency involved in long haul internet connections.


As a TAS using our services, you will be able to offer Answering Services to any business that can forward their calls to a US or Canada based phone number. You will assign each customer a US or Canada based local or toll-free number when you activate them in our web based control panel.

****Now offering International phone numbers which your answering service customers can forward their calls to. This allows you to acquire customers from many countries around the world and allow them to forward their calls to a number in their country which still rings to your service. Restrictions and pricing vary by country, ask for details.****