About Us

Virtual TAS™ is a service provided by Firestream Cloud Solutions, Inc.

Firestream’s CEO Todd Routhier has brought various internet and communications products and services to market since 1996 under several different company umbrellas. Lightwave Technologies, LLC was the first big success for Todd, due to the popularity and growth of it’s flagship product YourOwnISP. Lightwave was just one of many players in the wholesale internet access arena when it launched YourOwnISP back in 2001. Even with the all the competition and just about every reason not to succeed in that market, Lightwave found success. YourOwnISP offered computer stores, utility companies and entrepreneurs the ability to start, own and operate their own Internet Service Provider business with little more than a single computer and internet connection.

In addition to the flagship service, Lightwave saw some early success in the wholesale Voice Over IP industry. Lightwave was the original creator of VoIP Street wholesale VoIP Services which was sold to ABG Capital in 2007.

In the early days (mid 90’s) we were a small one man company called Discount Internet Services. Onsite computer repair and training quickly grew into web site design, web hosting and email services for local business. Around 2001 Discount Internet Services required a partner to grow and Lightwave LLC was formed. The first new offering launched within the new company was YourOwnISP.

After 12 years of success with internet related products, Lightwave closed it’s doors with remaining customers moving to Firestream. Firestream continues to support the legacy products and customers that moved over from Lightwave. Firestream was formed with a focus on communications type products in mind such as our Telephone Answering Service Platform Virtual TAS.

Today the original person who started Discount Internet Services in the mid 90’s still remains as Firestream’s president today and actively heads day to day operations. Although Firestream was formed in 2013, we are proud to say that we still have customers that have stuck with us and moved through our changes and growth since the mid-90’s.

Our goal is to form long lasting businesses relationships that will benefit our customers as well as ourselves for many years into the future. We look forward to adding you to our list of satisfied customers!