While we are proud of the many features The Virtual TAS system offers, we strive to keep our system super simple and easy to use.

Operator Features

Accessible to operators using our Operator Panel.

  • Work anywhere a computer and high speed internet connection exist.
  • During power or internet outage, set calls to emergency fail-over to a mobile phone or land line
  • No software installation required, just a web browser (Google Chrome) is required
  • Customized popup for each incoming call with answer phrase and more..
  • Select one or more pre-configured delivery methods (text, email, fax) for each call
  • Message delivery confirmation
  • Message form to take the message
  • Call recording
  • Call follow up notes on each call/message, great for dispatching services
  • Patch/transfer call to 10 digit number or speed dial right from the popup screen
  • Make outbound call tagged to customer for reporting right from the popup screen
  • View calls currently in hold queue, answered by other operators, transferred/patched or ended

Customer Features

Features and options your customers will appreciate.

  • Mobile Web App
    • View live operator messages
    • Listen to call recordings*
  • Message Delivery
    • Email
    • Text Message
    • Fax
  • Phone Number Options
    • New local numbers in US/Canada
    • New local numbers in 46 countries
    • New toll-free numbers in US/Canada
    • Port/Move customer’s existing number
  • Voicemail options for limited live answer customers
    • Sent via email as attachment, listen from email
    • Dial in to voicemail system available
    • Dial in to record custom greeting


*Recording feature must be enabled for customer account

Manager/Owner Features

Accessible to owners or managers of your answering service using our Manager Dashboard.

  • Self service, automated setup of new customers with activations in 10 min or less
  • Reports: call count, call minutes, patched calls, call detail, outbound detail and more..
  • Remote operator logout
  • Choose 24/7 live answer hours or limited hours on a per customer basis
  • Each of your customers receives access to a general voice mailbox for calls outside your live answer hours
  • Operators can be anywhere, only a high speed internet connection and computer are required
  • Failover operators to cell phones or land lines during power or internet outages
  • Customer edit/changes
    • Answer Phrase
    • Username/Pass for customer’s message center
    • Add/remove/change message delivery addresses (email, fax, text message)
    • Add/remove/change speed dials for use with outbound calls or call patch/transfer from the popup screens
    • Add/remove/change custom questions for customer popup screens
    • Change special instructions on popup screens
    • Change customer account notes
    • Change customer name and contact info
    • Change customer type from standard to healthcare
  • Tech support & customer svc 9-5 mon-fri central time
  • Emergency tech support & customer svc 24/7, 365
  • US Based Toll-Free and Local Numbers for your customers
  • Canada Based Toll-Free and Local Numbers
  • International numbers available in 46 countries

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