Pricing Information

** All pricing is shown in US Dollars, pricing in your country will vary based on current exchange rate and payment method used. All pricing is plus Texas sales tax for those businesses located in the state of Texas.

Virtual TAS Foundation System

Setup: $495*    Monthly: $89*

Setup and monthly cost for the Virtual TAS system with one operator. Cordless or desk style phone, headset, shipping, configuration, support and training all included at no additional charge.
*One operator system, see below for setup and monthly cost for additional operators. First month pro-rated.

Additional Operator Extensions

Setup: $0/each    Monthly: $89/operator*

Each operator will need an extension on our system along with one of our Desktop (wired) or Cordless VoIP telephones (see below for telephone cost) to receive calls for your customers. Shipping, configuration and setup of the telephone, configuration and setup of the operator profile in our system and reasonable telephone based support to get the equipment setup and working at your operators location with their router/internet connection.
*Per operator, per month. First month pro-rated.

Required Telephone (one per operator extension)

Choose Cordless or Desktop Style Phone: $150 includes wired headset and ground shipping.

These are VoIP telephones that plug into the operators internet router. No phone lines are required, phone numbers, phone services for inbound/outbound calls are provided by Virtual TAS.

Phone Numbers (required for each of your customers)

US and Canada Local Numbers: Monthly $2.95, setup $2.95, inbound minutes are free. Alaska numbers not included.

US 48 Toll-Free: Monthly $4.95, setup $4.95, inbound minutes are free
Not reachable from Alaska, Hawaii or Canada.

Canada Toll-Free: Monthly $9.95, setup $9.95, inbound minutes are free
Reachable from Canada and The US48.

International Numbers: Vary in price and terms, please ask for details.

We offer local numbers in the US, Canada and 46 other countries around the world. China, Mexico, Spain, United Kingdom, Australia, Czech Republic and Israel just to name a few. Please contact us for more details on international number availability and pricing.

Virtual Numbers

US and Canada Local: Monthly $2.95, setup $9.95, inbound minutes are free. Alaska not included
Toll-Free (US 48):
 Monthly $4.95, setup $9.95, inbound minutes are free
Toll-Free (Canada & US48): Monthly $9.95, setup $9.95, inbound minutes are free
International Numbers: Vary in price and terms, please ask for details.

Virtual numbers are add-on numbers to your customer accounts. Virtual Numbers forward to the primary phone number assigned to your customer’s account. Customer’s generally use these numbers for advertising purposes to show a local presence in multiple cities. For example, if you have a customer that is located in Toledo, OH., they may want to also advertise is New York City, Miami and Los Angeles and publish a local number for each city when advertising. All calls that come in from each of these cities will route to their primary account and be answered the same as if a call came into their primary number. Consumers usually respond better to ads with local numbers because they prefer to do business with a local company.

Vanity Numbers Toll-Free

Setup: $25 plus the normal toll-free setup charge, see above.
Monthly: No additional monthly, just regular monthly toll-free charge, same as regular toll-free numbers.
Per Minute: We do not charge per minute for inbound local or toll-free calls in the US48, Hawaii or Canada.

Vanity numbers are custom numbers that are requested. Often businesses will request a number that spells something similar to their business type such as 800-flowers etc. We are able to search for and activate any available toll-free number in the US or Canada.

Failover Calls to land line or cell phone

Per Minute: 2.9 cents (rounded up to the nearest minute)

Only calls that are sent to operator phones other than our provided VoIP phones will incur this additional cost. For example an operator can redirect inbound calls to ring to their cell phone or land line in the event their Internet access or power is out at their location. This can be used as an emergency backup feature or as a full time option in cases where the operator can’t get high speed internet. While operators are in failover mode, calls can’t be transferred or placed on hold as cell phones and land lines don’t have the features required. Calls can be failed over to all US48 and most Canada numbers. Calls can’t failover Alaska or US Territories. Calls also can’t be failed over to Canada area code 867. For more information on this feature, contact us.

For failover information for countries outside the US or Canada, please contact us.

Outbound Calls

Per Minute: Free/Included*

Outbound calls can be made to all US48, Hawaii and most Canada numbers. Outbound calling is not supported to Alaska, US Territories. Outbound calls also can’t be made to Canada area code 867.

For outbound calling information for countries outside the US or Canada, please contact us.

*Robo dialing, list dialing or outbound telemarketing not allowed. If number of outbound minutes each month consistently exceeds what we determine to be normal and customary, we reserve the right to convert your account to per minute billing for outbound calls at 2.9 cents per minute.

Call Patch (call transfer)

Per Minute: Free/Included**

We round all patched call minutes up to the nearest minute. Calls can be patched to almost any US48 or Canada number. Calls can’t be patched to Hawaii, Alaska, US Territories. Calls also can’t be patched to Canada area code 867.

For call patch/call transfer information for countries outside the US or Canada, please contact us.

**If number of transferred minutes each month consistently exceeds what we determine to be normal and customary, we reserve the right to convert your account to per minute billing for transferred calls at 2.9 cents per minute.

Email Message Delivery

Setup: $0
Monthly: $0
Each: $0

Messages delivered to your customers by email.

Text Message Delivery

Setup: $0
Monthly: $0
Per Message: 2 cents

Messages delivered to your customers by text message to their cell phone using a true SMS gateway. This means there is no email in the middle which allows a much more reliable transmission of your customer’s text messages.

Fax Message Delivery

Setup: $0
Monthly: $0
Each: 10 cents

Messages can be faxed to all US48 and most numbers in Canada. Faxing is not supported to Alaska and US Territories. Faxing also can’t be sent to Canada area code 867. Please note that faxing is 10 cents per fax sent. So, if you have one message sent to 3 different fax machines then you will be charged 30 cents.

Custom Music On Hold

Setup: $30
Monthly: $0

Audio file conversion and voice switch configuration for your custom music on hold is included for up to 3 files. The files must be submitted in MP3 format and should be Royalty Free music or you should own, or have purchased the rights to the music. Approximately 3-10 minutes of total music is recommended, this can be 1 song or up to 3 songs. Custom music can be setup globally for all of your answering service customers or you may sell this service to your clients individually so they can have their own custom music just for their callers. A quick search on Google reveals some potential sources for Royalty Free Music, try this link.

Custom Marketing On Hold

Setup: $30
Monthly: $0

Submit any sound file that includes your marketing message you would like played to callers while on hold. You should own or have the rights to any music played in the background. Please see the Music on Hold description above for more info on the music and sound file submission. We provide the audio conversion and setup of the Marketing Message only for pricing listed. For professional quality marketing on hold production, please contact us for more details.

Minor customizations to your customer accounts

Setup: From $20
Monthly: $0

Customizations to customer accounts beyond the normal, automated customizations our system supports require a custom quote. Minimum cost for a customization is $20.

Call Recording

Setup: $0*
Monthly: $2.95 for each of your customers which recording is activated on

Once activated on your customer’s account inbound and outbound** calls are recorded for that customer. Recordings are available to be played or downloaded within 60 seconds after the call is completed.

*Adding recording when you setup a new customer number/account is automated in our system and has a zero setup fee. If you wish to add or remove recording from an already active account, there is a $20 add/remove recording fee. Adding or removing recording on an existing account/phone number requires manual intervention by our engineers and with a one business day turn-around.

**Outbound calls are typically dialed using our operator panel on the computer screen, not manually dialed on the telephone itself. Outbound calls are only recorded when dialed on the computer screen, not when dialed manually on the telephone itself.

Phone Number Moving/Porting

One time fee: $20 per number (may offer better pricing for large quantity of numbers being moved at once)

You and/or your customers can move their existing phone numbers to the Virtual TAS system.