Virtual TAS TruTXT Adds Toll-Free SMS

February 25, 2020 No Comments by admin

Toll-Free SMS for message delivery starts October 8th, 2019.

Toll-Free SMS improves deliverability of text messages to end users of our answering service customers. Increasingly mobile phone providers have started to take extreme measures to control SPAM related text messages, rejecting many legitimate messages as SPAM. Text messaging now suffers from the same SPAM filtering issues and blocking that email has for many years.

The mobile providers (AT&T, TMobile Etc) basically consider any message NOT coming from an actual person, typing it on a cell phone, as SPAM and will potentially reject it. These policies are making it extremely difficult to deliver your answering services messages to your customer’s via text message because these messages are not coming from a single person typing them manually on a cell phone, they are coming from our servers.

The cell phone providers have stated that generally, they will consider messages sent from toll-free numbers as commercially friendly and will be less likely to reject them as SPAM.

Toll-Free SMS, just like toll-free phone calls comes at a premium cost to Virtual TAS. At this time we will NOT be raising SMS delivery pricing for our customers. We do expect reliability of SMS delivered messages to increase a great deal do to this change with no current increase in cost to our customers.

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