Virtual TAS Adds TruTxt Message Delivery

August 22, 2014 No Comments by admin

Today Virtual TAS announced our new TruTxt message delivery option which allows direct SMS message delivery to customers mobile devices, while avoiding the wireless carrier’s Email to SMS gateways.


GuyTextingFBPostOur traditional method of delivering of text messages has always worked reliably using each carrier’s email to SMS gateways. Just about every wireless phone carrier in the world accepts text messages by email using addresses like and then sends them to their customer’s mobile phones. For the most part and with most carrier’s this method continues to work well and reliably. The notable exception we have noticed lately is with Verizon Wireless. We have observed many instances lately where Verizon has accepted messages¬†from our messaging (email) servers but the messages are never delivered to their customer’s mobile devices. There are also the occasional issues with all carrier’s where emails sent to the email to SMS gateways are rejected due to their anti-spam filters.

To allow our answering services more options for message delivery when/if their customer’s wireless providers are not reliably delivering their text messages; we have launched our TruTxt option. With TruTxt message delivery, you can setup a customer to have their messages delivered directly to their cell phone without the need for email to SMS gateways involved. This method of delivery helps to avoid the potential SPAM filter problems encountered when using Email to SMS gateways.

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