Are you really looking for JUST answering service software?

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Are you really looking for JUST answering service software?

The first question to ask yourself if you are going to start a telephone answering service or trying to upgrade your service’s existing technology is.. Am I looking for a software only solution which I then need to pair with answering service equipment from another vendor, telephones from another vendor and phone lines from yet another company?

It stands to reason that a one stop solution for answering service equipment, answering service software, phone system and phone lines makes much more sense. Why deal with 4 or 5 different companies when you can greatly simplify your business by choosing one vendor? Virtual TAS is that one stop solution.

There is no doubt that there are at least a few fantastic answering service software packages on the market with all the bells and whistles you could dream of. There are great telephone systems, phone services, call center equipment products and vendors. Getting all these solutions to work together and figuring which piece is at fault and which company to call for help when things go wrong is where it all gets tricky. Even seasoned veterans in the answering service and call center business have a hard time keeping all the equipment and software working happily together. If you are new to the business, the last thing you want are equipment and software hassles and the huge up front expense that goes with them.

Virtual TAS handles all the technology for a small up front investment (plus monthly fees) and you concentrate on what is most important, getting new customers and running your business. Without all the hassles and investment of traditional answering service equipment, phone lines and software, you are far ahead of most answering services that started before you.

Imagine that you have just launched your new answering service, put on a few customers and just as things get rolling you notice that the phone calls stop coming in, phones quit ringing and you get a call on your cell phone from your customer wanting to know why none of his calls are being answered by you…

If this situation isn’t bad enough already, you now have to sift through all the contact info for the phones, phone system, software, and telephone company and then figure out who you should call for help. Is it the telephone, the telephone service, the software or the phone system that’s causing the problem? Each vendor you call says it’s not a problem on their end. As you are trying to fix the issue your precious new customers are getting more and more upset that their calls aren’t being answered.

With Virtual TAS, just request help from our support team and we move quickly to determine the cause and put a fix in place to get your phones ringing again as quickly as possible.

Contact us today about starting an answering service, starting a call center or moving your existing answering service or call center over to our cloud based answering service solution.



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