Extended power outages killing your answering service?

April 5, 2014 No Comments by admin

Be the hero when the power goes out!

OperatorSkeleton_FBOur cloud based Telephone Answering Service Platform lets your operators answer calls on their cell phone or have an operator in another city take over during power outages. Answering service software running at a single location can be problematic during power outages or internet outages. Virtual TAS offers their answering service software in the cloud which means your service can stay up and running even when your your entire city is without power. We offer a complete hosted answer service solution which means there is no need for answering service equipment onsite.

Cloud based operators can be located anywhere in the world. With no central location, it’s likely that your answering service will never be down again.

Individual operators can set their extensions to fail-over to their cell phones during power/internet outages. As a small answering service owner, enjoy the ability to send calls to your cell phone when you need to walk the dog, pickup the kids or go on vacation!

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