First Things First, What You’ll Need

  • Broadband Internet Connection
    You’ll need a broadband Internet connection in order to operate as a VTAS. Your Internet connection needs to be capable of supporting voice traffic. Visit this site to test the voice quality of your Internet connection.
  • Computers
    Each agent working in your VTAS business will require a computer with a javascript-enabled Internet browser. Windows, Mac or Linux computers wth any current Internet browser. We have certified our system with current versions of the following browsers: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari.
  • Telephone Handsets
    Each agent working your VTAS business will require a telephone handset. VirtualTAS-provided handsets, which we configure for operation with the VirtualTAS system, are the only handsets we support with our system. You’ll learn about purchasing handsets during the signup process.
  • Identify Startup Costs, Estimate First Months Bill
    Visit the Startup Cost to learn about startup costs. On this page, you’ll also learn how to estimate your first month’s bill based on the number of agents and clients you plan to add.

Sign Up as a Virtual TAS Provider

  • Create Your VTAS Account
  • Add Agents
  • Add Your First Clients