Cloud Based System

  • No equipment to install
  • No software to install
  • Phone services included
  • Cell phone fail-over
  • Phone numbers included
  • Remote operators

Operator Panel

  • User friendly
  • Fast, responsive
  • Outbound calls sent from screen
  • Transfers connected on screen
  • Live status for calls on hold and in progress
*We recommend that operators are located in the US or a nearby country for best call quality.

Mobile Web App For Your Customers

  • iPhone, Android and most other smart phones
  • Secure SSL customer access to their messages
  • Free basic version for your customers
  • Optional branded version with your logo
  • Click to Call feature makes calling back easy

More Secure Patient Data

  • Send patient data securely
  • Secure Text/Email alerts
  • No patient data in email/txt
  • Secure SSL mobile app
  • View messages on smart phone

Manager Dashboard

  • Customer setup
  • Customer changes
  • View reports
  • Change special instructions
  • Change delivery methods
  • Add/update speed dial list

Virtual TAS™ is an amazing service which enables anyone with a high-speed Internet connection and a computer to Start A Telephone Answering Service!

Absolutely no answering service equipment is needed to get started. The only equipment required is a computer or ChromeBook connected to the Internet and a special Voice Over IP telephone handset which we provide.

If you can answer a phone, read the screen and take a message then you just found your first live operator.

You set the pricing for your service and we charge you a wholesale rate for services. Your customers will always remain your customers and never know who we are.

Virtual TAS™ provides the Hosted TAS (telephone answering service) software, phone lines and phones. You provide the operators and customers and you are ready to Start Your Own Telephone Answering service or Virtual Call Center.

Entry level Telephone Answering Service equipment can cost tens of thousands of dollars or more depending on the features and vendors you choose. In the past only those with a large amount of money to invest were able to get started in the business. Of course there will always be challenges when starting any new business but with Virtual TAS™ on your side, equipment and high startup costs won’t be one of them.

Signup now and you could be up and running in as little as a few days. Get started by contacting us today!